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My two favourite images taken some time ago now.  many years in fact.  The image of the girl pulling a funny face was taken in North London in the late 1980’s while I was still living and working in the capital before moving to Gloucestershire. A reporter and myself were sent to a residential square where some travellers had set up camp.  The adults talked to us but did not want to be photographed but that we could photograph the children.  The kids were OK at first being very playful and acting up to the camera but without warning they suddenly turned on us with sticks and planks of wood.  I have had the picture in my portfolio ever since and it now runs right across my online life.

The picture of the dog’s head through the cat flap came as I was leaving a job and getting back into my car. It started a project which ended in an exhibition in 1994 called Dog tails and other stories.  For over a year or more I gathered together random quirky pictures of dogs and then started to look for pictures of the working relationship between man and dog.  Setting up shoots at dog toy factories and covering Crufts and even a pet funeral.